Adventure Shetland

Who We Are

Adventure Shetland is owned and operated by Jon Pulley.

Jon is a native Shetlander and degree-qualified archaeologist with over a decade of experience in the tourist industry, who has a passion for sharing his knowledge of his homeland.

About Me

Overlooking Loch Lomond while hiking in the mountains and bagging a munro

Jon Pulley

I've lived in Shetland all my life, apart from when I was studying in Glasgow for my MA Hons degree in Archaeology. I was able to focus my studies on my home islands to a large degree, and as such can offer an unparalleled level of knowledge on your tour

An adventurer stands atop a rock formation, surveying the landscape

Away From Work

In my spare time I play rugby for Shetland and when I get the chance to go to the mainland I love to go hiking and climbing in the hills. I got a few munros under my belt in 2019, and hope to add a few more. I also help to organise the Up Helly Aa festival in January, serving on the festival committee

Enjoying an ice cream on the West Highland Way

A Sense of Fun

I'm a great believer in having fun. Life is too short for it not to be enjoyable, and while there is a need to be sensible sometimes, I feel that the most memorable experiences are the ones you've laughed and had the most fun doing. I aim to make your tour a proper adventure rather than just someone talking at you.